The physician is responsible for delivering health care. Although the health care system doesn’t function without nurses or other professionals, final responsibility for person care falls on a physician.

Knowledge of illness and the ability to treat it are growing rapidly. That is why physician must remember that to treat patients is a great art, but no an ordinary trade. A good physician must have not only deep knowledge of a particular field of medicine, he/she must love people and have a kind heart. The physician gives all his/her knowledge, strength, abilities, talent, and time to people PROFESSION OF THE PHYSICIAN who need his/her help. One of the prominent therapeutists M.P. Konchalovsky said, “… a person may be a poor writer, a bad painter or an actor, but a person cannot and must not be a bad doctor”.

After graduation from the Medical University the young physician works according to the following medical specialities: Anesthesiology, Dermatology, Family Practice, Medical Genetics, Neurological Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Pediatrics, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Plastic Surgery, Surgery, Urology and others. So young specialist in the field of medicine may work as therapeutist, surgeon, neuropathologist, oncologist, ophthalmologist, urologist, gynecologist, anesthesiologist, dermatovenerologist PROFESSION OF THE PHYSICIAN and many others. He/She may work at the hospital, polyclinic, sanitary epidemiological station, maternity home, dispensary and others.

Working at the hospital, the doctor makes the morning round, examines the patients, makes the diagnosis, and prescribes proper treatment to every patient. The physical examination includes a number of procedures, such as: palpation, percussion, auscultation and others.

At the polyclinic the physician takes many patients. There is no need to say much about the importance of patient physical examination. The first step is obtaining general picture. Examination comprises the following: examination of the face, tongue, heart, chest; observation of PROFESSION OF THE PHYSICIAN the respiration; measuring temperature; and inspection of the abdomen. After examination of the patient the physician administers a proper treatment and gives advice to the patient. To be sure of the diagnosis the physician also directs the patient to make blood and urine analyses or to make X-ray or other tests. In addition to the consulting hours at the polyclinic local physician goes out to the calls.

The doctor is the most familiar profession in the health field, because most people turn to a doctor for advice when they are sick or injured.

Ex. 12. Translate the following words and word PROFESSION OF THE PHYSICIAN-combinations into English:

Хвороба, захворювання; процедура; аускультація; пальпація; перкусія; вимірювати; пологовий будинок; фізикальний огляд; здійснювати ранковий обхід; ставити діагноз; призначати лікування; грудна клітка; кров; черевна порожнина; робити аналіз крові.

Ex. 13. Answer the following questions:

1. What words should every physician remember? 2. What medical specialities may young physician work according to? 3. What medical specialists do you know? 4. What does the doctor do working at the hospital? 5. What methods of the patient’s examination does the doctor use? 6. What are the steps of the physical examination?

Ex. 14. Which of the professionals would you consult in each of the following cases?

1. to operate on PROFESSION OF THE PHYSICIAN an eye cataract; 2. to treat your son's measles; 3. to test your eyesight; 4. to treat a rash (сыпь) on the skin; 5. to operate on your appendix; 6. to treat your cough.

Ex. 15. Insert the missing words given below:

1. I chose medicine as I wish to help people to be _ and prolong their longevity. 2. I take interest in many _. 3. The _ of doctor is very honorable. 4. Every doctor knows that before the _ of the patient it is necessary to make a correct diagnosis and determine the cause of the disease. 5. It is necessary to know the way and mechanisms PROFESSION OF THE PHYSICIAN of disease's _ as well as symptoms by which it can be revealed. 6. The doctor must be _ to each patient.

sciences; profession; careful; healthy; development; treatment.

Ex. 16. Insert the missing prepositions:

1. The doctor must remember the professional oath, which he/she proclaimed _ the meeting. 2. It is the famous physician Hippocrate's oath, which says that each doctor must be ready to give all abilities and all strength _ the protection of the people's health. 3. The guide _ the doctor's work is the commandment "Do not harm". 4. The physical examination includes a number _ procedures, such as: palpation, percussion, auscultation and others.

Ex PROFESSION OF THE PHYSICIAN. 17. Write out key words of the text "Profession of the Physician".

Ex. 18. Compose the detailed plan of the text "Profession of the Physician".

Ex. 19. Retell the text "Profession of the Physician" according to your plan.

Ex. 20. Read and try to memorize the following words:

Diabetes ["daIq'bI:tI:z] діабет; blood pressure ['blAd 'preSq] кров’яний тиск; modifiable ['mOdIfaIqbl] що піддається зміні; goal[geul] ціль, мета; imply припускати; включати в себе; evaluation оцінка; checkup перевірка, огляд; testicle ['testIkl] яєчко; breast [brest] груди, молочна залоза.

Ex. 21. Read the following text and speak on the necessity of regular medical examination: